Arlington VA Services


Whether you are a first time homebuyer or an experienced homebuyer, the settlement process can be overwhelming.  At Double Eagle Title, our goal is to simplify the process for you. With over 20+ years combined experience in the real estate title insurance industry, Double Eagle Title has the knowledge and experience to provide the best in settlement services. We guarantee no surprises and 100% satisfaction.  If you are not satisfied with our settlement services we will refund your settlement fee.  Learn more about our title and settlement services for purchasers in Arlington.


Double Eagle Title will act as an intermediate third party for Sellers to ensure that: the real estate Sales Contract is fulfilled, title to the property is insurable by a licensed title insurance company, the Lender’s Instructions and Conditions are fulfilled, all costs accompanying the sale (e.g. lender fees, title insurance costs, loan payoffs, taxes and homeowner association dues, et al.) are paid and/or prorated to the appropriate parties, and that sale proceeds are disbursed in accordance with the applicable jurisdictional law.  Learn more about our title and settlement services for sellers in Arlington.

Real Estate Agents

As a real estate agent, you need a title company you can trust to provide the best services possible to your client.   At Double Eagle Title, we guarantee no surprises and 100% satisfaction. If you are not satisfied with our settlement services we will refund your clients settlement fee.  On top of that to make the settlement process as easy as possible we will conduct settlements at a location convenient to your client. Please provide us advance notice when settlements need to occur outside of the Double Eagle Title office and we will accommodate you and your clients needs for an off-site settlement.  Learn more about our title and settlement services for real estate agents in Arlington.


Just like with real estate agents, lenders need a title company they can trust to provide outstanding service.  At Double Eagle Title, providing exceptional service is our guarantee.  We make the process as easy and simple as possible and are always more than happy to accommodate to you and your clients needs.  Learn more about our title and settlement services for lenders in Arlington.


Refinancing can be a challenging and confusing process.  When refinancing your home it is important to remember that you will need an entirely new title policy and title insurance because you are receiving a new loan for your home.  Typically your lender will require the new title policy and insurance to obtain the loan. Title insurance provides homeowners and lenders protection against back taxes, undisclosed liens, judgments, forgeries, fraud and other potential legal and financial problems that can arise when purchasing or refinancing property.  At Double Eagle Title, we simplify the process and walk our clients through every step of the refinance process.  Learn more about our refinance services in Arlington.